01/17 Introduction to Blogging NONE
01/23 to 01/25 Blogging as Practice: Definition, Features, and Forms 01/23: We’ve Got Blog: Introduction (ix to xiii); Weblogs: A History and Perspective (7-16); Anatomy of a Weblog (25-27); More About Weblogs (28-33).

01/25: We’ve Got Blog: Advice Section (133-157)
Benchmark: Students create their own blogs in class on 01/25.
Two blog postings due by 01/30

01/30 to 02/01 Blogging and Journalism: Dynamics of a Complex Relationship 01/30: We’ve Got Blog: The Kaycee Nicole (Swensen) FAQ (89-98); Blogging as a Form of Journalism (163-171)

02/01: We’ve Got Blog: Weblogs: A New Source of News (171-182); We the Media: Introduction ix-xviii); Jay Rosen: Bloggers vs Journalists is Over
Two blog postings due by 02/06

02/06 to 02/08 Technologies of Cooperation: Open Source Development, Web 2.0, RSS, Tagging/Folksonomies, and Wikis 02/06: Institute for the Future, Technologies of Cooperation [PDF].

02/08: We the Media: The Read-Write Web (23-43); The Gates Come Down (44-65)
Two blog postings due by 02/13

02/13 to 02/15 From Wars to Natural Disasters: Blogs as Citizen’s Media for Live Reporting 02/13: Howard Rheingold, It’s all About the Mobile Internet.
Eric Hellweg, Technology Responds to Hurricane Katrina.
The Sunday Times, How They Triggered the War on the Web.

02/15: Mark Tapscott, Are you Ready for Citizen Journalism to Stop Big Government.
Robert MacMillian, Witnesses to History.
Two blog postings due by 02/20

02/20 to 02/22 PhotoBlogging and PhotoJournalism: Dynamics, Interrelationships, and Practice 02/20: Torin Douglas, Shaping the media with mobiles
Tim Burt, Mobile phone images present dilemma for TV
Mark Glaser, Flickr, Buzznet expand citizens’ role in visual communications.

02/22: Louise Story, Witnesses post instant photos on the Web
Mark Glaser, Did London bombings turn citizen journalists into citizen paparazzi?
Two blog postings due by 02/27

02/27 to 02/29 Podcasting and Radio: Dynamics, Interrelationships, and Practice 02/27: Terry Heaton, The mainstream media struggles to co-opt citizen’s media
Heather Green, Tom Lowry, and Catherine Yang, The new radio revolution

02/29:Dana Gardner, There’s an elephant in the podcast room
Two blog postings due by 03/06

03/06 to 03/08 Vlogging and Television: Dynamics, Interrelationships, and Practice 03/06: Drazen Pantic, Anybody Can Be TV: How P2P Home Video will Challenge The Network News
Heather Green, Let a million videos bloom

03/08: Mark Glaser, ‘Video journalists’: Inevitable revolution or way to cut TV jobs
Cory Bergman, The man behind the VJ movement

03/20 to 03/22 Moblogging, Group Blogging and Newsroom Ecosystems: Dynamics and Practice 03/20: Lisa Le Fevre, The Three M’s of Moblogs: Mobile Phone Blogging, Real-time Mobility and Mob Media
Howard Rheingold, Moblogs Seen as a Crystal Ball for a New Era in Online Journalism

03/22: Andy Carvin, When Mobile Podcasting leads to Mobcasting
Taran Rampersad, Mobcasting the Future
Two blog postings due by 03/27

03/27 to 03/29 Blogs as Citizen Journalism: Democracy, public/community journalism, and Altered Media Ecosystems 03/27: We the Media: From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond (1-22); We the Media: Making Our Own News (236-242)

Jay Rosen, PressThink’s Top Ten Ideas for 2004
Another reading to be determined
Two blog postings due by 04/03
Individual story due 03/29

04/03 to 04/05 Citizen Journalism Projects: Examining non-media hyperlocal citizen journalism projects 04/03: We the Media: The Former Audience Joins the Party (136-157)
Allison Romano, Why everybody is a reporter

04/05: Steve Outing, The 11 layers of citizen journalism
Ariana Eunjung Cha, This just in: Do-it.yourself journalism spreads on the Web
Two blog postings due by 04/10

Guest Lecturer: Adam Weinroth

04/10 to 04/12 Mainstream Media and Blogging: Exploring the practice of blogging in newsrooms 04/10: We the Media: Professional Journalists Join the Conversation (110-135)
JD Lassica: Let journalists blog.

04/12: Mark Tosczak, N&R looks to break tradition with Web changes
Jonathan Dube, How journalists use blogs
Two blog postings due by 04/17
Draft of final paper due 04/12

04/17 to 04/19 Blogging and Politics: From Political Blogs to local/national politics 04/17: We the Media: The Consent of the Governed (88-109)
Daniel Drezner and Henry Farrell Web of Influence

04/19: Edward Cone, The Marketing of the President.
Noah Shachtman, Net politics here to stay.

Two blog postings due by 04/24

04/24 to 04/26 Blogs, Copyright, and Censorship: Threats Facing Open Source Journalism 04/24: We the Media: Here Comes the Judges (191-208)

Rebecca MacKinnon, China’s Internet: Let a thousand filters bloom

04/26: We the Media: The Empire Strikes Back (209-235)
Apple vs Bloggers by Michelle Malkin. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Two blog postings due by 05/01

05/01 to 05/03 Blogs and Youth Engagement: Can this generation be reengaged through participatory technology? 05/01: Merrill Brown,
Abandoning the News
The Story of Beep: Connecting with Young Adults via a Blog-Based Community

05/03: Paper presentations, snacks, class wrapup. Attendance is mandatory.
Class presentation on 05/03


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