Here are the URLs used in class lecture for class period 02/06 to 02/08. The topic examined was “Blogging and Technology: From Open Source Philosophies to Open Source Journalism.”

Revolution OS(See first 8 minutes)
Philosophy o the GNU Project
Open Source: Voices from the Open Source Revolution(Free book at O’Reilly)
Open Source Everywhere(Wired article)
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Open Source Journalism(Jay Rosen)
Open Source Journalism (Salon Article)
News 2.0 is not journalism (Rick Skrenta for Topix.net)


For the class presentation, you will be guiding us through the readings for the assigned session. You can also provide additional resources as you see fit based on private research. Above the format of a lecture, you need to find a way to engage the class in a discussion of the readings so that there can be interactivity. To do that, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. You can have the class work in groups on an exercise
2. You can ask a question and solicit feedback from the class
3. You can show audio/video and solicit response

Your presentation must be no longer than 15-20 minutes. You can also provide slides or any other material that you think would be helpful for us to follow your lead.

Please note that you will have access to my laptop if you need computing resources to aid your presentation. If you like transparencies, we also have a transparency set up in the computer lab.

I look forward to your presentations.

We will demonstrate how to add tags to your blogs. Because Blogger does not permit the addition of your postings to categories, we will define categories for our postings. These categories, or tags, will enable our postings to become part of the open network of conversations on the Web about specific topics.

To add a tag, insert the following line after your posting
Technorati tag: . Then, edit the tag for the right tag and linked word.

This puts your posting under the category, Online Journalism in the blog aggregator Technorati.

To find an efficient tag for your posting, remember to search for the tag in Technorati to see if others are using it. Choosing a tag that others use enables you to be part of an existing conversation. However, sometimes starting your own tag is necessary.

Other blog aggregators include the following: