Interesting Links

Below are some of interesting links circulating in the blogosphere that are creating discussion and thought. I encourage you all to read some of these and follow the threaded discussions on them.

Blargon by William Safire, NYTimes
The Next Big Thing For Newspapers: Podcasting, Vodcasting by Steve Outing
Blogophile by CBS News
The Dirty Little Secret About RSS News by Steve Rubel
New York Times Launches Blog by Frank Bruni in Bloggers Blog
Calling All Bloggers by Dan Gillmor
Digging Deeper: How Does iTunes Pick Featured Podcasts by Mark Glaser


Here are some interesting links currently circulating in the blogosphere.

Vlogging, TV, and the New War for Eyeballs(Via New Media Musings)
Wacky Wikipedia Editing Controversy (via SmartMobs)
Journalism 2.1? A new site tweaks the grassroots formula(Via Online Journalism Review)
Whose space is it, anyway(Via MercuryNews)
Gallop reports stagnant blog readership growth based on flawed poll (Via BlogHerald)
Citizen Journalism is No Bubble(Via OhmyNews International)
News On the NPR Podcasting Front (Via BusinessWeek Online)
The New Gatekeepers
Citizen Journalism tends to be shalow and middle class (Via

Some interesting links and happenings circulating around the blogosphere for this week.

Via Podcasting News: 2006 SuperBowl Commercials Video-Podcast
Via Hypergene: Amazoning the News. According to authors Ellen Kampinsky, Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis, “0ur whitepaper shows how traditional news stories might be treated in the design model of”
Craig Weiler, Is The Citizen Journalism Model Viable
Via Guardian Announces Major New Comments Project
Via BBC Editors to Tell All On a New Blog