I’ve gone through many of my links for additional blogs that you can track. In addition the blogroll on the right (highly recommended), here are some additional topical blogs based on some of the current interests I know you all have in class.

SportsBlogs. A related CNET article on the launch of this sports blog network is found here
Fox Sports Blogs
Texas Longhorn Vmag

Additional Blogs
Terry Heaton (evolution of broadcast news)
Tim Porter (evolution of print news)
Media Shift by Mark Glaser (documenting the changes in mass media)
Public Journalism Network (growth of public journalism)
JD Lasica’s Darknet (detailing growth of P2P networks, and the war on digital/file sharing technologies)
Global Voices (global issues in blogging/Internet communications with highlights of blogs from different countries)
Morph–the Media Center Blog (excellent blog documenting changes in journalism)
Online Journalism Review (one-stop shop for discussion of multimedia elements in online journalism)

I will continue to add to these blog as we cover topics in class. Please add comments to this posting of interesting blogs that you have found in your Web surfing efforts