Some things we are going to look at in this class session

Early Blogging
Old Horgan Site
Current site
Kevin Sites asked to suspend his blogging activities for CNN
Banjo Blues
Against MSM blogging
How Journalists Use Blogs. See BullDog reporter for a full story on how it is being used

Washington Post Web site
Post Remix
Washington Post Mashups
Explanation of blogging practice
Times Memo

Washington Post Shuts Down Comments
1. Editors on Shutting Down Comments
2. Second Guessing’s Jim Brady
3. Transparency at the Post: Q/A with Jim Brady of Washington Post
4. Blog Rage
5. How Much Should You Moderate Comments
6. The ethic of interactivity
7. Time to Get Tough
8. Readers Must Be Transparent Too
9. Post Web Site Silences Public Comments After a Flood of Complaints
10. Walks the Line
11. Readers’ anger forces Washington Post to shut off comments indefinitely
12. The Washington Post Comment Controversy
13. Pros and Cons of Closing a Blog’s Comments

Jay Rosen’s Blue Plate Special
Facts About the State of Blogging at America’s 100 Biggest Newspapers