Since the inclusion of podcasts in iTunes, one can easily forget that before iTunes, podcasting existed with the use of open source tools. Today, you can continue to catch podcasts using open source tools, outside of iTunes. Additionally, if you would like to create a podcast, many of the tools that you use for creating your podcasts are also available through the open source world, or through free Web tools licensed under the Creative Commons license or the GPL

Alternative Tools for Listening to Podcasts
iPodder (lemon) Cross platform (PC, Mac) tool for listening/catching podcasts. Podcasts are automatically downloaded to your mp3 player of choice (WMP or iTunes) as designated in your iPodder preferences.
Juice (iPodder renamed)
Podcatcher on a Stick
To see a more exhaustive list of Podcatching software, visit the Wikipedia entry on List of Podcatchers. Podcatchers are also listed for Linux OS.

From Juice or iPodder, alternative podcast directories can be immediately accessed and subscribed to. Additionally, you can add feeds to iPodder, and upon requesting the download, you can access the mp3 through an automatically created playlist in your iTunes or WMP application.

Some RSS newsreaders also show podcasts. For example, NetNewsWire will download blog postings with podcasts, and shown a download button, allowing you to decide whether you would like to download the podcast to your iTunes.

As you can see, the choices are endless for listening to podcasts. Since iTunes has embedded the podcast technology into its interface, as well as the video cast technology, many are resorting to just using iTunes. However, it is significant as learners in this field that you maintain an attachment to grassroots technologies in order to understand the evolution and appeal of these technologies to citizen journalists.