Here are the URLs used in class lecture for class period 01/30 to 02/01. The topic examined was “Blogging and Journalism: Dynamics of a Complex Relationship.”

State of the News Media
The End of Objectivity
What’s Radical About the Weblog Form in Journalism
What’s Conservative About the Weblog Form in Journalism
A Few Thoughts on Journalism and What Weblogs Can Do About It
Blogosphere: The Emerging Media Ecosystem
Blogging vs Journalism is Over
Blogging, Journalism, and Credibility
Rosen Interview with Chris Lyndon (mp3 file)
WorldWide Web Conversation
Society of Professional Journalists–Ethics
ASNE Code of Ethics
RTNDA Code of Ethics
Weblog Ethics
The Cost of Ethics
A Blogger’s Code of Ethics
Blogging Code of Ethics
Proposed Code of Blog Ethics