February 2006

Below are some of interesting links circulating in the blogosphere that are creating discussion and thought. I encourage you all to read some of these and follow the threaded discussions on them.

Blargon by William Safire, NYTimes
The Next Big Thing For Newspapers: Podcasting, Vodcasting by Steve Outing
Blogophile by CBS News
The Dirty Little Secret About RSS News by Steve Rubel
New York Times Launches Blog by Frank Bruni in Bloggers Blog
Calling All Bloggers by Dan Gillmor
Digging Deeper: How Does iTunes Pick Featured Podcasts by Mark Glaser


We will be using Flickr as a resource to understand how tagging/categorization and online photo storage is impacting blogging and citizen journalism. In this exercise, you will create a Flickr account and load some of your digital photos to your new account. You can opt to create a Flickr badge for your site, which displays your most current/recent photos on your blog.

Tutorial for Creating a Flickr Account
About Flickr
Flickrbits docs
Creating a Flickr badge

This week, we will be tackling the topic of photo journalism and photo blogging. Below are some of the important links that illustrate the intersection of citizen journalism tools and citizen journalism photo blogging and mainstream media’s adoption of photo blogging. Many of these references make use of Mark Glaser’s articles on photo blogging, with one titled, Flickr, Buzznet expand citizens’ role in visual journalism and Online agencies promise to help citizen photographers get paid

Photo Blogging Resources

Photo Storage Online
23 Photo Sharing

More Examples of Citizen Journalism
Five Days with Katrina
Flickr Interesting

News Agencies and Photo Blogging Tools
Rob Walker, NYTimes UPDATE: Please note, this site is a personal project NOT AFFILIATED with the NYTimes Magazine
The Augusta Chronicle
Houston Chronicle, Hurricane Rita
Miami Herald, Hurricane Wilma
Sun Herald, Hurricane Katrina
Online News Association, Flickr Pool
Charlotte Observer
Ventura County Star
Bakersfield, North Carolina
International Herald Tribune, Olympic Photos

Citizen Journalism Photo Agencies
Cell Journalist
Spy Media

Indian Ocean Earthquake
Interview with Xeni Jardinon NPR
Cheese and Crackers
Amateur Tsunami Video
Wizbang listings of Amateur Video

Blogs and Wikis
Evelyn Rodriguez
Tsunami missing
Tsunami Help Wiki

Flickr photosets
Another photoset

CNN Hurricane Blog
NPR Hurricane Blog
More News Weblogs
Nola Breaking News Weblog

Citizen Video
Hurricane Katrina

Flickr photosets

Hurricane Katrina on Wikipedia
Brian Oberkirch Sidell Hurricane Damage Blog
The Interdictor
Kaye’s Hurricane Blog
Bloggers covering Katrina
Lists of Bloggers at/near site
Katrina Relief Bloggers
Relief Connections
Liberal Bloggers Relief Campaign
Racist Imagery
Katrina Timeline
Jeff Jarvis on Lists of the Missing
Recovery 2.0
Katrina Information Map

Use the following URLs in class to search for information on the London Bombings

9/11 Collection
September 11 Digital Archive
War Bloggers Yellow Pages

Military Blogs
Military Blog Index
My War
The Mudville Gazette
Iraq Files
Just Another Soldier

Technorati (Blog Syndication):
London Explosion
London Bombing
London Bomb

Blog Sites (First Person Accounts)
We’re Not Afraid
BBC posts of citizen accounts
Eamonn’s Home
Metroblogging London
On the District
Camera Video Phone Slide
Flickr London Underground Set
BBC Citizen Journalism Photos
Der Spiegel

Here are some interesting links currently circulating in the blogosphere.

Vlogging, TV, and the New War for Eyeballs(Via New Media Musings)
Wacky Wikipedia Editing Controversy (via SmartMobs)
Journalism 2.1? A new site tweaks the grassroots formula(Via Online Journalism Review)
Whose space is it, anyway(Via MercuryNews)
Gallop reports stagnant blog readership growth based on flawed poll (Via BlogHerald)
Citizen Journalism is No Bubble(Via OhmyNews International)
News On the NPR Podcasting Front (Via BusinessWeek Online)
The New Gatekeepers
Citizen Journalism tends to be shalow and middle class (Via Journalism.co.za)

Here are the URLs used in class lecture for class period 02/06 to 02/08. The topic examined was “Blogging and Technology: From Open Source Philosophies to Open Source Journalism.”

Revolution OS(See first 8 minutes)
Philosophy o the GNU Project
Open Source: Voices from the Open Source Revolution(Free book at O’Reilly)
Open Source Everywhere(Wired article)
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Open Source Journalism(Jay Rosen)
Open Source Journalism (Salon Article)
News 2.0 is not journalism (Rick Skrenta for Topix.net)

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