Go to Blogger.com to create your blog. Please note: you must have a Webmail email address, such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo mail, or use your mail.utexas.edu account. AOL email addresses do not work with the Blogger email system.

There are 3 steps:
1. Create an account. If you already have one, use your preexisting account, log in, and begin from step 2.
2. Name blog. Choose a good name, one that you won’t mind sticking with for the rest of the semester, at least
3. Choose template. For class, I encourage everyone to choose the template DOTS by Douglas Bowman. We will learn how to add links to the side of the blog more efficiently this way. You are free to tailor the blog after class to a different template

Editing the Blogger Template

1. Follow the instructions I have on the projector board. This is the easiest way to follow. We will attempt to add links to our template on a sidebar.