You will be using bloglines as your Web-based blog RSS aggregator/blog reader. Bloglines will enable you to keep track of blog feeds, and find things to blog about that relate to our class topics. To create an account with bloglines, go to the bloglines Web site and sign up for an account. You will be required to have a valid email address, so please enter in an email with a Web based client so you can check the mail in class and validate the account. Please note that AOL clients can give problems, so try to use another email address.

To Add Feeds to Bloglines
1. Click on “My Feeds”
2. Click on “Add”
3. Enter the URL or Feed URL in the address bar
4. If valid per the information returned to you, you should see a Subscribe button. Hit Subscribe.
5. You will now see the feed in the left hand column. Click on the feed and begin reading the blog you subscribed to.
6. You can alter the Display Settings at the bottom of the page to administer the feed time length of the returned feed.

That’s it. Be sure to add the feeds on the class blog to your Bloglines.