The aggregated results of the survey are listed below. These findings can help you learn more about your classmates, even though the findings are anonymous. I can guarantee you all, if you work hard and keep up with class material, that you will be able to demonstrate familiarity with all of the areas surveyed in this questionnaire. Additionally, most of your requests from the class material are fair and I am confident we can discuss and learn about all of your different desired interests through the semester in our class.

See below for the results of the survey:

Specialization Areas
Newspaper: 7 (different foci)
Photo Journalism: 1
Broadcast: 3
Multimedia: 2

How many of you have blogs: 5

Blogs you read: Burnt Orange Report, friends/relatives/family, Austin American Statesman, Xanga Blogs, LiveJournal Blogs

Familiarity with Technologies: Open Source (0), Blog Software (2), Blog Readers (1), RSS (2), Podcasting (7), Video Blogging (0), Flickr (1), Tagging (2), Mobile Blogging (1), Wikis (4), iTunes/WMP (13)

How many of you have built a Web site: 5

Aspirations from the class:
1. greater understanding of the future of journalism and media
2. greater technical understanding about the Web/Internet as it relates to journalism
3. preparation for jobs in online journalism
4. podcasting skills
5. knowledge of how to create blog stories
6. editing/writing practice for online publications
7. maintain/manage blogs for future job aspirations
8. skills and practice in writing for blogs